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TriStar® VS 540

TriStar® VS 540

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Introducing the MaxFlo™ VS, your gateway to energy efficiency in pool operations. Embrace the future of pool pump technology with this variable-speed powerhouse, offering an impressive 80% energy cost savings over conventional single-speed alternatives. With an integrated variable-speed drive and a totally-enclosed, permanent magnet motor, the MaxFlo™ VS is the perfect pool upgrade for those committed to reducing energy consumption and maximizing cost savings.

Unlike many variable-speed models that tend to be oversized, the MaxFlo™ VS is meticulously designed to be right-sized, especially for medium-head pool pump applications like Hayward's renowned MaxFlo™ Series. This precision ensures unparalleled energy savings, translating into a swift return on investment, particularly for setups with 40mm or 50mm plumbing.

What sets the MaxFlo™ VS apart is its adaptability, offering customizable speed and priming time to cater to the diverse needs of both aftermarket and new construction installations. This feature ensures a seamless integration into any pool system, making it a versatile choice for energy-conscious pool owners.

Upgrade your pool to the MaxFlo™ VS and witness the transformation of your pool's energy efficiency and operational costs. Take the smart step towards a sustainable and cost-effective pool experience with MaxFlo™ VS. Save energy, save money – choose MaxFlo™ VS today!

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