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PoolScout Original

PoolScout Original

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Introducing Pool Scout Tech: Revolutionizing pool safety through cutting-edge innovation. Utilizing advanced AI and vision-based analytics, Pool Scout Tech is at the forefront of identifying toddlers and pets near your pool area. The PoolScout app offers a real-time LiveStream for continuous monitoring, ensuring the utmost safety for your loved ones, including both young children and furry companions. Enhance your pool safety with the comprehensive technology of Pool Scout Tech.

Key Features:
- WiFi Camera Unit
- WiFi Alarm Unit
- Complimentary 30-day trial of PoolScout Premium Service
- Dedicated Technical Support

Unlock peace of mind by downloading the PoolScout App on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Elevate your pool safety measures with Pool Scout Tech and enjoy the benefits of advanced surveillance and real-time monitoring for ultimate poolside security.
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