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Lincoln BWT Pearl Heat Pump top discharge

Lincoln BWT Pearl Heat Pump top discharge

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All our inverter heat pumps come with a built-in Wi-Fi device easily accessed from a side panel. To connect the heat pump to your Wi-Fi network, scan the QR code on the machine, enter the network security code, and press the button on the Wi-Fi device to pair.


The TechniCenter can detect errors and start the necessary After-Sales service process remotely without waiting for the pool user to notice the issue, thanks to the error code feedback.


Our TechniCenter offers advice on how to efficiently manage swimming pools and how to save energy.


Our heat pump has a preventative maintenance tool from which information is sent to our TechniCenter. With this tool, our technicians can anticipate problems, access and adjust settings, optimise, and update the heat pump remotely. The Modbus connection provides access to all the heat pump settings and allows for modifications in “direct mode”.


BWT Connect is a system that connects to BWT TechniCenter. It allows our technicians to see all the connected systems and their status. If an error code occurs, technicians can access the device settings through a secure interface to fix the issue. We no longer have to send a technician to the site to gather information or adjust the equipment.

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