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Henden H3 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Henden H3 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The Henden H3 is our most advanced Robotic Pool Cleaner. Packed with intelligent features to keep your pool sparkling all year around. Active scrubbing technology and built-in navigation deliver the best cleaning result across floor, walls and waterline.


  • Weekly timer for convenient operation

  • 2 hour cycle time

  • All terrain front and rear brush with active scrubbing technology

  • Ultra-fine filtration

  • Easy to clean filter basket

  • Grab handle

  • Fast, clean water release for ease of use

  • Suitable for pool up to 12 metres long


Water Conditions

  • Chlorine Maximum: 4ppm

  • pH Range: 7.0 – 7.8

  • Temperature Range: 6-34°C

  • Salinity Maximum: 5000ppm

  • Minimum Depth: 0.80m

  • Maximum Depth: 5m


Pool Suitability

  • Ideal Pool Length: Up to 12 metres

  • Cable Length: 18 metres

  • Cleaning Coverage: Floor, Walls and Waterline



  • Height: 300mm

  • Width: 400mm

  • Length: 430mm

  • Weight: 7.5kg



  • Protected by a 2 year product quality guarantee

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