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Henden Cartridge Filter 100

Henden Cartridge Filter 100

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This high-performance cartridge filter is meticulously crafted for water-conscious filtration in salt, mineral salt, and fresh water pools, ensuring crystal-clear results for pools up to 50,000 litres.


  • 4 oz Mesh Weight: Delivers fine filtration for high water quality.
  • Manual Air Bleed: Allows depressurization before opening for easy cleaning.
  • A.B.S. Tank Construction: Robust, UV resistant, and non-corrosive for extended lifespan.
  • Quality Pressure Gauge: Clearly indicates when the element needs cleaning.
  • Lock Ring Retained Filter Lid: Enables straightforward access for element cleaning.
  • Two Inlet Ports: Choose between 90 degrees or 180 degrees for greater installation flexibility.

General Information:

  • Model Number: HCF100

Technical Information:

  • 6 Hour Turnover (Litres): 144,000L
  • Maximum Flow Rate (lpm): 340

Pressure Information:

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 280 kPa

Temperature Information:

  • Maximum Water Temperature: 50°C

Warranty Information:

  • 10-Year Quality Guarantee

Elevate your pool maintenance with the HCF100 Cartridge Filter, designed for optimal performance, durability, and ease of use. Experience hassle-free filtration and enjoy the benefits of sparkling, clear water in your pool.

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