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Henden 280 Variable Speed Pump with Bluetooth

Henden 280 Variable Speed Pump with Bluetooth

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The premium high efficiency pool pump that operates super quietly. Designed to save money on running costs and provide energy efficient use all year round. Ideal for pools up to 105,000 litres.


  • High performance water cooled motor for super quiet, efficient use all year round

  • Bluetooth enabled to allow setup and control functionality from your IOS or Android smartphone. Schedule hourly run times at desired speed for every day or every week via Bluetooth app.

  • Fully variable frequency drive with user friendly selectable speed dial

  • Multi-coloured LED indicator light for operating conditions and warnings

  • Loss of prime protection to protect the pump in the event no water is detected

  • Drain plug to enable quick draining of the casing for easy removal and maintenance

  • Large 4.5 litre lint pot allows for longer intervals between cleaning

  • Double insulated to water circuit with Equipotential Bonding Point


General Information

  • Model Number: H8200VSPBT


Technical Information

  • Motor Speed: 1500-3600 RPM

  • Supply Frequency: 50/60 Hz


Temperature Information

  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 50 Deg C

  • Maximum Water Temperature: 40 Deg C


Power Information

  • Motor Input Power:

    • 128W/0.17hp at Dial 1

    • 524W/0.70hp at Dial 5

    • 1,111W/1.48hp at Dial 10

    • Backwash: varies

  • Voltage: 220-240 Volts



  • 4 Year Quality Guarantee

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