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Introducing SwimClear Single Element Filters, the pinnacle of efficiency in single-element cartridge filters. These filters redefine clarity, capturing more dirt for superior water quality without the need for additional media. With the industry's lowest head loss, SwimClear maximizes energy savings, making it the clear choice for a cleaner, more cost-effective pool.

Key Features:

  1. Hydraulic Efficiency: Industry-leading hydraulic efficiency enables the pump to run at lower speeds or for less time, translating into significant energy savings.

  2. Recessed Pressure Gauge and Manual Air Relief: Enjoy the convenience of placing the head assembly upside down on the pool pad without compromising the seal's integrity, thanks to the recessed pressure gauge and manual air relief.

  3. Superior Filtration Efficiency: SwimClear's superior efficiency captures more dirt, ensuring unparalleled water clarity without the need for supplemental media.

  4. Increased Energy Savings: The enhanced efficiency allows the pump to operate at lower speeds or for reduced durations, contributing to increased energy savings.

  5. Ease of Service: Quick access to internal components simplifies maintenance, ensuring hassle-free upkeep of your filtration system.

  6. Compatibility with Variable-Speed Pumps: Perfect alignment with Hayward® variable-speed pumps ensures optimal energy efficiency during installation.

  7. Ergonomic Grip Handles: Easy installation and maintenance are guaranteed with ergonomic grip handles, ensuring no contact with fiberglass-based surfaces.

  8. Lowest Body Height: Convenience meets efficiency with the lowest body height, facilitating quick and convenient cleaning and replacement.

  9. Hayward Universal Union: The inclusion of the Hayward Universal 50mm x 65mm Union streamlines installation and servicing, making it fast and easy.

Choose SwimClear for its efficiency, ease of service, and commitment to crystal-clear water. Enjoy a pool filtration system that sets the standard for energy savings and superior performance.

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