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Hayward Powerline Sand Filter

Hayward Powerline Sand Filter

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Introducing the Powerline Top Mount Sand Filters, a sophisticated solution to elevate your pool technology. Engineered for seamless flow and meticulously balanced backwashing, these filters redefine efficiency. Constructed with unitized precision from corrosion-proof polymeric material and equipped with self-cleaning 360-degree slotted laterals, the Powerline Sand Filters promise durability and ease of maintenance. The versatile six-position control valve ensures effortless operation, making it suitable for in-ground pools of various sizes, in-ground spas, water features, as well as ponds or fountains. Choose from the available 21" and 24" options, both complete with unions.

Key Features:

  1. 6 Valve/Filter Positions: Tailor your filtration process with a six-position control valve, providing flexibility for different pool requirements.

  2. Easy-to-Read Handle: Simplify operation with an intuitive handle design, ensuring straightforward and convenient usage.

  3. Umbrella-Fold Self-Cleaning Laterals: Achieve balanced flow and efficient backwashing with self-cleaning laterals featuring an innovative umbrella-fold design, simplifying the servicing process.

  4. Integral Sight Glass: Monitor the backwashing cycle effortlessly with the integral sight glass, offering transparency in the filtration process.

  5. Unique Folding Ball Joint Design: Streamline maintenance with a unique folding ball joint design, providing easy access to the lateral assembly.

  6. Corrosion-Proof Tank: Crafted from high-density polyethylene, the tank withstands weather challenges with minimal maintenance, ensuring long-lasting durability.

  7. Clamping Collar: Enhance ease of use with a clamping collar that allows 360-degree turning capability, facilitating seamless connections.

Upgrade your pool filtration system with the Powerline Top Mount Sand Filters – where advanced technology meets practical design for a pristine and inviting pool experience.

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