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Halo 5.8 Swim spa

Halo 5.8 Swim spa

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Presenting the Halo 5.8

Presenting the Halo 5.8. A masterpiece of innovative design and functionality that effortlessly blends comfort, fitness, and relaxation into one exquisite package. The Halo 5.8 isn’t just a swim spa – it’s a flexible extension of your home, offering both a revitalising swim area and a separate soothing spa zone, which allows for dual-temperature control.

The true magic of the Halo 5.8 lies in its dual-zone design. With six seats, four of which are nestled in the dedicated spa zone, it allows for simultaneous but distinct experiences. While the kids are making waves and creating memorable moments in the refreshing swim area, you and your partner can unwind in the inviting warmth of the spa, enjoying a therapeutic hydromassage that rejuvenates your body and spirit.


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