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Halo 4.5 Swim Spa

Halo 4.5 Swim Spa

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Experience world-class swim spas built with Australian engineering at Halo. We combine innovative design, premium features, and top-notch service


 The subtle Light Ivory or Lunar Marble finish of our cabin accentuates its sophisticated     design and seamlessly blends with your backyard aesthetics.

Eco Heating System

Unlock the potential with a Chilli 9kW Pool Heat Pump Inverter. This sophisticated addition to your Halo Swim Spa not only enhances your comfort but also promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Our Eco heating system is a marvel of modern technology, representing the pinnacle of our heating range. Powered by inverter technology, it ensures the most efficient use of energy to maintain your swim spa’s ideal temperature.

With this advanced system, you can regulate a temperature range of 5°c – 40°c, scheduled from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. This convenience allows you to tailor your spa experience to suit your preferences, ensuring your swim spa is always ready when you are. Reduce your energy bills by 80% and heat your spa three times faster.

The Chilli 9kW Heat Pump Inverter empowers you to extend your swimming season. With efficient and reliable heating, you can now enjoy your swim spa all year round.

Enhance your Halo Swim Spa with the Chilli 9kW Heat Pump Inverter, and immerse yourself in a premium swim spa experience that’s as unique as you are.

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