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BWT P600 APP Robot Pool Cleaner

BWT P600 APP Robot Pool Cleaner

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4D filter


BWT pool robots are equipped with a 4D filter. The 4D filter technology consists of a filter bag that catches even the tiniest dirt particles of only two micrometres in diameter.

Optimum suction power

Thanks to the adjustable nozzles, BWT pool robots enable strong suction power. The closer they are to the surface to be cleaned, the stronger the suction power. The suction power adapts to the type of dirt to be picked up.

Ideal for all pool types

BWT pool robots are suitable for pools of all shapes and sizes and efficiently clean all pool types, whether foil pools, tiles or polyester pools. Thanks to their PVA rollers and brushes, BWT pool robots find their way around perfectly on any type of surface. BWT pool robots can easily cope with the steepest sections.

Uncomplicated and practical to use

The pool robots are easy to operate and only need to be switched on. The filter is equipped with cartridges accessible from the top and has a handle so that your hands do not come into contact with the dirt when cleaning the filter.

Quick cleaning

BWT pool robots move swiftly and ensure quick cleaning. They are equipped with the innovative and intelligent "Smart Navigation" control system. Using a gyroscope, it calculates the optimal route adapted to the respective pool for speedy and efficient cleaning.

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