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BWT Front Discharge Heat Pump

BWT Front Discharge Heat Pump

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A WiFi device is fitted as standard inside all our Inverter heat pumps and is easily accessible through a side panel. Simply connect the heat pump to the customer’s WiFi network by scanning the QR code on the machine, entering the network security code and pressing the button on the WiFi device to pair.


Thanks to error code feedback, the TechniCenter can remotely initiate an appropriate After Sales service procedure immediately, even before the pool user becomes aware of a possible issue or its consequences.


The TechniCenter will be happy to advise you on the efficient management of your swimming pools along with all the possible energy savings for your customer.


A true preventative maintenance tool, the information is transmitted to our TechniCenter, which can then remotely anticipate problems, access the settings and adjust, optimise or even update the heat pump accordingly. The connection via Modbus enables access to all the heat pump settings and allows for their modification in “direct mode”.


BWT Connect is linked to the BWT TechniCenter and provides our technicians with an overview of the line of connected systems as well as their individual status. In the event of an error code, they can access the device settings via their secure interface to resolve the fault. There is no longer any need to send a technician to the installation to check on the problem, collect basic information or make adjustments to the equipme

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