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BWT Cosmy

BWT Cosmy

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Cosmy robots are equipped with two stage planetary gear technology, a drive system that offers greater efficiency and better precision; combined with two drive motors and a powerful pump, Cosmy is one of the most reliable robotic cleaners on the market.

This system is the ideal solution for fast, optimized travel, unmatched cleaning and unrivalled reliability.


With their rapid and logical travel mode and powerful suction, Cosmy robotic cleaners work fast. Cleaning cycles are short, consume less energy, and yield a flawless result.


Say goodbye to the tedious manual cleaning of your pool, and say hello to COSMY 100 – the ultimate cleaning powerhouse. You can now lean back, relax and let COSMY 100 work its magic, ensuring a complete and optimal clean of the bottom of your pool.

Whether you have a round or rectangular pool, with whatever type of liner or finish, this electric and autonomous pool cleaner has you covered. With its impressive floating cable and rapid cleaning cycle of just 1 hour and 30 minutes, COSMY 100 effortlessly moves around pools up to 8 metres long, ensuring no corner is left uncleaned.

So why spend hours scrubbing away when COSMY 100 can do it in no time? It’s time to let technology take over and keep your pool sparkling clean all summer long!

If you’re looking for a pool cleaner robot that is both easy and effortless to use, COSMY should be on your radar.

It only weighs 5.75 kg, so it won’t be a chore to carry it around your yard. But don’t let its lightweight fool you – this robot boasts excellent motricity and an ultra-powerful filtration system that allows it to suck up debris and dirt effortlessly.

And let’s not forget that you can customize the colour to match your garden furniture or even mood! With eight different colours available, you won’t have to settle for boring old black or white.

The COSMY pool cleaner robot is the perfect blend of practicality and personality, making pool cleaning a breeze.


COSMY the Bot 100  For pools up to 8 metres. Floor only.

COSMY the Bot 150 For pools up to 10 metres.Floor, wall and waterline.

COSMY the Bot 200 For pools up to 12 metres.Floor, wall and waterline.

COSMY the Bot 250 For pools up to 12 metres.Floor, wall and waterline.

COSMY Star For pools up to 12 metres.Floor, wall and waterline.

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