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Acoustic Box

Acoustic Box 1650 mm W x 1100 mm D x 1145 mm

Acoustic Box 1650 mm W x 1100 mm D x 1145 mm

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The 161111 Pool Filter / Pump Cover measurements: (all in MM):

External: 1650(W) X 1100(D) X 1145(H)

Internal: 1600(W) X 1050(D) X 1100(H)

Notes with regards to measurements:

1. The external measurements are actually the same as the internal measurements throughout the box with the exception of the bottom and top of the box - where the metal bends to allow for the acoustic foaming to be housed.

2. All boxes also come in 'Backless configuration' - Please allow an additional 50mm in depth for Backless models

3. It is advisable to allow for an additional 10-20mm on all asides of your Concrete slab (if laying the box on a slab)

4. The lid requires 45mm of clearance at the rear to fully open. Please consider if placing the box against a wall or other hard surfaces.

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